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What is cognitive-behavioural therapy?

In cognitive-behavioural therapy we begin with understanding the links between our thoughts, actions, and emotions, which are our reactions to the events that happen to us. It turns out, that:

the way we think and what we do effects the way we feel.

An effective solution to feeling better and achieving one's goals is to:

  • work on our thinking patterns; how we perceive (i.e. criticising oneself, which is common in depression, or the fear that "something awful will happen", which is often connected with anxiety issues).
  • learning to modify our behaviour; to learn new skills (i.e. assertiveness or relaxation helpful with reducing the physiological symptoms of stress)

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a meeting of two experts – the therapist is an expert in techniques and methods of treatment, whereas the client is an expert in his/her own feelings, thoughts, and their impact on their lives. In the therapy process we put these expertise together and work as a team. Together we aim to achieve our previously determined goals, helping the client acquire the skills and techniques needed to manage future difficulties by himself when the meetings come to an end.

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